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Chef Sanjyot Keer Spices Up Ed Sheeran’s India Tour with Authentic Misal Pav Cooking Masterclass – News18

During his tour of India, renowned Indian chef and digital creative Sanjyot Keer works with global music icon Ed Sheeran.

Two orbits came together in a first-of-its kind collaboration where Chef Sanjyot Keer gave a hands-on Misal Pav cooking lesson to the global music icon Ed Sheeran.

Sanjyot Keer becomes the first-ever Indian chef and digital creator to prepare an Indian meal with Ed Sheeran. In an exciting cross-cultural collaboration, renowned Indian chef Sanjyot Keer guides international music sensation Ed Sheeran to prepare the traditional Maharashtrian street food dish, Misal Pav.

The cooking session took place during Sheeran’s recent tour stop in Mumbai as part of his +-=÷x Tour. Sanjyot Keer, widely recognised for his expertise in Indian cuisine, takes Ed through the intricacies of preparing Misal Pav, imparting insights into the ingredients, techniques, and cultural significance of the dish.

Beyond cooking up the delectable Misal Pav, Sheeran and Keer’s time together allowed for an engaging discussion spanning the singer’s love for Indian culture, cinema, and music. The conversation covered topics like Sheeran’s favourite Indian films and songs, the potential for him to collaborate with Indian musicians, and even the driving forces behind his string of record-smashing hit releases.

Remarking on his culinary experience with Ed, Chef Sanjyot said, “He was keen on trying Indian cuisine, so we particularly cooked Maharashtra’s local favourite misal pav. Collaborating with such a humble and passionate artist was a wonderful experience, marking an important day in my life.”

Ed thoroughly enjoyed the spicy and tangy misal pav, declaring it his “new comfort food at home” and one of the highlights of his Indian food adventures so far.

The highly anticipated video featuring Chef Sanjyot and Ed Sheeran will be unveiled to fans globally through Sanjyot’s YouTube channel, Your Food Lab, in the upcoming days.

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