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Career Horoscope Today for September 19, 2023: Growth at workplace with these astro tips

Aries: You must complete your tasks on time today to look out for better opportunities. It is not a good day to start with something new, or you will get confused about your work commitments. It is a great time for students looking for new job opportunities. Today, you will get quick leads about jobs with better working patterns suitable to your capabilities. Get in touch with professionals to understand the working culture.

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Taurus: It is the right time to enhance your position with the help of good connections at your workplace. Your seniors will constantly check on you, so try to be as productive as possible. If you are preparing for competitive examinations, you will get access to new information and ideas about how to continue your preparations. Small achievements will make you happy, especially if you are working in the IT sector.

Gemini: Focus on your workplace responsibilities and ensure that you avoid fraud. Even if it comes from your close colleagues, you should avoid their immediate presence. You will make new friends at work, that will help you complete your job together by working equally hard. Your honesty and hard work will be recognised by the higher authorities. It is a great time for freshers looking for jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Cancer: Understanding how you can make quick changes in your job position is necessary today. It can be a minor yet significant task that you complete or any creative idea on a project that will do wonders. Your seniors will not only be impressed but will also trust you with better roles. Talk to the management about anything that is troubling you at work. Organise your finances according to your income level.

Leo: It is going to be a hectic time for you at work today. Some of your colleagues may try to harm your reputation by claiming false issues against you. It is your responsibility to maintain records for the day so that you can speak up for yourself. Your seniors will provide you with an important project you must complete for the day. People involved in the scientific field may achieve a promotion today.

Virgo: Focus on everything pending at work so you are not stuck. A minor but significant problem may trouble you regarding your career. It is a good time to become creative and apply strategies for completing your job on time. Also, it is better not to push things and do the bare minimum. People appearing for competitive examinations will find the day lucky enough to get through some high cut-offs amidst the competition.

Libra: This day is suitable for starting any new projects at your workplace. Today, you might get to choose your team members for this project. Financial meetings, if any, would be successful. Your boss might admire your leadership skills, which shall motivate you, leading to better productivity. Unemployed shouldn’t sit idle, which can wreck their mental state. They can start their blog or read a self-help book.

Scorpio: Today will be a great time regarding your career prospects, only if you can speak up for yourself. You may find that some of your co-workers are trying to hinder your work. You are responsible for conveying the matter to the seniors at your workplace. You must also build a rapport with executives coming for a meeting today. You may get important leads about similar job prospects from them.

Sagittarius: You must know your professional goals and try to complete them individually. You may also need the help of your colleagues in completing some of the tasks amidst hectic schedules. Try to be as creative as possible when making crucial marketing decisions for your work. People targeting internships will get important information regarding new job roles. No matter what, you must remain honest with your work and avoid shortcuts.

Capricorn: Today is favourable to make decisions about plan changes in your work constructively. It is better to complete your job with your colleagues for greater participation and presentation. Strategic planning can help you get past troubles immediately as you start your daily tasks. Remember to have a good conversation with your seniors before you start working to remain transparent with your working schedules.

Aquarius: You must know your responsibilities as a co-worker trying to complete things together. Or else it will become a half-hearted presentation for the day, for which you will not get your due appreciation from seniors. Some decisions might disappoint you for the day, but try to remain passive and complete your tasks on time. You may get new opportunities to work with a new firm today.

Pisces: There needs to be definite targets to complete today. Or else you will become lethargic, and the entire day will go to waste. You may also make new connections at work, which will guide you to become a better professional. It is not a good idea to start with a project all alone, so try to involve other people as and when you get hints of fresh job targets from your seniors. If you are currently looking for a job, today is the right time to reach out to your contacts.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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