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BJP’s Amit Malviya vs Congress leader over ‘list of journalists’; ‘Wow! the plot worked’

BJP’s Amit Malviya claimed on Tuesday that the Congress media department is compiling a list of journalists who commented on social media platforms against Union minister Smriti Irani sharing the upside-down photo of Rahul Gandhi doing aarti at Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh. In support, Malviya shared a purported screenshot bearing the sender’s name — Congress social media head Supriya Shrinate.

In the face-off between the social media heads of the two parties, Supriya Shrinate claimed it was a ‘plot’ that worked and the message was sent to one particular ‘journalist’ to find out whether the message ends up with the BJP IT cell head.

Here’s what was there in the purported message:

“Did you tweet anything on fake video put out by Amit Malviya about Narmada arti movement of RG or Smriti Irani putting the entire arti upside down blinded by hate. Just making a list of journalists who called these out. Looked through your TL, please let me know.”

Rahul Gandhi’s aarti at Omkareshwar has been the latest flashpoint between the Congress and the BJP. Union minister Smriti Irani posted an upside-down photo of Rahul Gandhi while Amit Malviya posted a video showing that Rahul Gandhi performed the aarti anti-clockwise.

The issue is far from dying as Amit Malviya accused the Congress social media cell of intimidating journalists over the episode. Sharing the screenshot bearing Supriya Shrinate’s name, Malviya wrote, “Fascism is still alive and kicking in the Congress…Any idea why the Congress media department expects journalists to call out their political opponents and defend Rahul Gandhi’s shenanigans? Is the list of journalists being compiled to intimidate them into falling in line?”

“I deliberately sent this to one particular ‘journalist’ to see what they did with it. Validated, the screenshot found its way to you!! BTW, fake news peddler, fascism is when the journalist feels obliged to share the screenshot with the ruling regime,” Congress social media head tweeted.

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