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BJP leader thanks Shah Rukh Khan for exposing ‘corrupt Congress’: Desh bechnewalo

BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said Shah Rukh Khan should be thanked for exposing the ‘corrupt, policy paralysis ridden Congress rule from 2004 to 2014’ in the Jawan movie as the BJP leader said the Atlee-directed movie reminds all viewers of the ‘tragic political past during the UPA government’. SRK’s dialogue ‘Hum jawaan hain, apni jaan hazaar baar daon par laga sakte hain, lekin sirf desh ke liye; tumhare jaise desh bechne walo ke liye hargiz nahi‘ is so apt for the Gandhi Parivar, the BJP leader said.

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia thanked Shah Rukh Khan for exposing the corruption of the Congress in Jawan movie.

The long Twitter (now known as X) comes as there is a cold war over Jawan among the political parties. Some Congress leaders praised the movie and asked whether the government could screen it as it did with Gaadar. The Aam Aadmi Party, meanwhile, claimed the dialogues of Jawan are what Arvind Kejriwal has been saying all along.

As Bhatia put out his analysis, he said 1.6 lakh farmers committed suicides in the Congress era while the BJP implemented MSP, credited 2.55 lakh crore to 11 crore farmers. The BJP provided 2.3 lakh bulletproof jackets, disbursed 1.2 lakh crore though OROP, while the Congress prioritised VVIP choppers over bulletproof jackets for our soldiers.

“Congress rejected former Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major’s request for surgical strikes after 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. BJP responded decisively and swiftly to the Pulwama attack, conducting Balakot air strikes,” Bhatia explained.

“Thank you, @iamsrk. Under the leadership of PM Shri @narendramodi Ji, these issues are now a thing of the past,” the BJP leader tweeted.

‘Thank you SRK for…’: BJP, AAP, Congress queue for credit

As soon as the movie released, the AAP said Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan asked the voters to raise questions; Kejriwal has been doing the same. On Wednesday, Kejriwal himself referred to Jawan and said, “In the movie ‘Jawan’, Shah Rukh Khan said not to give votes on the basis of religion and caste and instead ask them (candidates) if they can give good education and medical aid. Today, there is only one party – AAP – that asks for votes on the promise of providing education to their children.”

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh asked whether the government will be able to screen Jawan in the new Parliament building like it screened Gadar. “Gadar-2 was shown in the new Parliament building a few days back. Will the Modi Sarkar have the courage to screen Jawan as well?” Jairam Ramesh tweeted.

The BJP played on the front foot as it showed Shah Rukh Khan’s tweet congratulating PM Modi for the success of the G-20 and wondered whether the ‘direct endorsement’ will make Shah Rukh Khan fall from the grace of a section. “A large number of “fact checkers” & their loudmouth employers were searching for indirect hints in a movie.. Hope they won’t boycott it after a direct endorsement and at the very least they will show similar grace & congratulate Bharat for a successful #G20,” BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said.

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