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Bigg Boss Malayalam gets a major twist in plot

Bigg Boss Malayalam, the quintessential reality show of the Malayalam television landscape, is gearing up for its highly anticipated sixth season, promising viewers another thrilling ride. Set to hit screens by the end of February or early March 2024, Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 marks the return of superstar Mohanlal as the host, adding to the excitement surrounding the show’s comeback.

The makers of Bigg Boss Malayalam 6 have been tantalizing fans with a series of captivating promos, offering glimpses into the upcoming season. In a recent promo featuring host Mohanlal, an intriguing revelation about significant format changes has sparked widespread interest among viewers.

In the latest promo making waves across social media platforms, Mohanlal unveils a surprising twist: the introduction of not one, but four bedrooms in the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 house. The promo unfolds with Mohanlal catching a young man peeking into one of the bedrooms, prompting a comical exchange. Subsequently, Mohanlal discloses that the upcoming season will feature four separate bedrooms, allowing for a deeper exploration of conflicts and dynamics within the house.

The promo hints at a groundbreaking shift in the show’s format, with contestants segregated into four groups and assigned to different bedrooms based on performance, promising an unpredictable and dynamic viewing experience for audiences.

Regarding the logistics, the Bigg Boss Malayalam house for Season 6 has been relocated to Chennai, a strategic move to accommodate Mohanlal’s upcoming shooting commitments. With the construction of the house nearing completion, details about the season’s theme remain tightly under wraps, adding an air of mystery to the forthcoming season.

As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, fans eagerly await the grand premiere of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6, poised to witness the exciting twists and turns that lie ahead in the journey of the show’s latest iteration.

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