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Bigg Boss 16, Shukravaar Ka Vaar updates: Salman Khan advises Priyanka-Ankit to play individually, schools Tina Datta

New Delhi: The Shukravaar Ka Vaar episode today was all about the kichad all the contestants throw at each other verbally and on the back. BB took it into his hands and made everyone see what their so-called friends in the house are saying behind their backs. Also, Shalin praised his ex-wife on National television today.

Firstly, everyone gets shocked to see Tina walking so firmly after what happened to her last night. Then begins the kichad task where Bigg Boss shows the statements other contestants have said about each other, one has to guess who has said it and then throw dirty water on their face. Archana again gets the most splashes. 

One of the most controversial statements of the day was said by Ankit for his best friend Priyanka. He had said, “Game ke alawa kuch aur baat karti hi nahi hai, main toh yaar kuch bol bhi nahi sakta usko, main jab bolta hun.. she says mujhe mat batao.” After reading his statement, Priyanka gets shocked and angry. This conversation went out of hand and the two drifted apart, again. Once Salman Khan entered, he complimented Ankit for his game this week that he played when he was NOT on talking terms with Priyanka. Ankit even clears the air over his comment earlier and says that he feels bad when Priyanka doesn’t let him talk.

SK then advises the two to play their individual game as it is looking better, no one is overshadowing anyone that way.

Salman Khan today, schooled Tina for revealing that her dog passed away to everyone and using it as an excuse for not cutting the cake when really the reason was she feeling betrayed over the captaincy task. When Tina got to know about Archana’s statement about Rani, she reacted with a lot of anger but SK later explained to Tina that she was at fault for telling them about it in the first place. The ‘Bigg Boss 16’ host and Bollywood actor Salman Khan even told Tina how and when things unfolded against her by herself and how it all is no one else’s fault but hers.

At the end of the episode, any hardcore fans of BB entered the show to question the contestants. One of the fans pointed out that Tina only plays and shows her loyalties on her terms and is selfish, she uses everyone for the game and the actress agreed to it as she is here to win. This is when SK said that “Shalin ko bhi use kar rahi ho kya…” What will happen next will be telecasted in the Shanivaar Ka Vaar, but the rumour has it, tomorrow’s episode will burst like crackers for many.

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