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Auraton Ke Bodies Ke Baare Mein…, Jasprit Bumrahs Wife Sanjana Ganesan Fat-Shamed On Instagram; Check Her Brilliant Reply To A Troll

Cricketers do receive a lot of love in India for their achievements on the field. But the brutal world of social media also sends them hate in equal amount. Sometimes, it does not require a cricketer to fail to get this hate. There is an unorganised community on internet these days whose sole purpose is to spread negativity and abuse these athletes and their families. Jasprit Bumrah and his wife Sanjana Ganesan is a celebrity couple who also, on a daly basis, faces the online trolling.

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On Monday, when Bumrah posted a promotional video on his Instagram page, which is an advertisement for a brand and also features his wife Sanjana, the trolls filled the comments section with filthy words. The target was Sanjana who has obviously put on weight post her pregnancy. Post-pregnancy fat is not abnormal and you can lose weight too via some simple exercises. Without going further into science, even if Sanjana was an overweight person, she did not deserve this hate. Fat-shaming anyone is not right but some people get a lot of fun when they do it to others.

“Bhabhi Moti lag rahi hai,” was one of the many comments on this Insta post, which loosely translates to sister-in-law is looking fat. Sanjana gave a beffiting reply to this troll, underlining his lack of scientific temperament. She said, “You cannot even learn things from the science books in your school and here you have come to show your knowledge about women’s bodies. Get lost. (School ki science textbook toh yaad hoti nahi hai tumse, bad auraton ke bodies ke baare mein comment kar rahe ho. Bhaago Yaha se.”

While Sanjana’s reply was much-needed and accurate, it did not stop many others to continue to fat-shame her.


Check some of the terrible comments made on the post below:

Remember that Sanjana is a successful sports broadcaster. She is a digital presenter with International Cricket Council (ICC) and has covered many Cricket World Cups with Star Sports where her TV career started. She was a a finalist at Miss India 2014 and took part in Reality TV show Splitsvilla. Every now and then, the wives of these cricketers get targetted by unsupportive fans whenever their husbands do not perform on the field. Anushka Sharma (Virat Kohli’ wife), Ritika Sajdeh (Rohit Sharma’s partner) are also among the Cricket WAGs who have faced online trolling on regular basis.

Afer Bumrah became the new World No 1 Test bowler in the world, he reacted to the achievement by posting an Instagram Story for his haters. He posted an image reflecting on how there is very less support when an athlete is struggling and so much praise when he or she is on peak. Comments like ‘Ab toh sharam kar le Bumrah’ were constantly shared on Instagram when the pacer was out for a year due to injury.

Bumrah will soon be seen again in the third Test vs England, starting on February 15, in Rajkot. He is bowling superbly at the moment and England are deeply worried on how to tackle him.  

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