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#Apologise to Lisa Twitter trend: Netizens demand Spotify to apologise to Lisa over its K-Pop blunder – Read full story here

New Delhi: K-pop singer Lisa’s supporters across the world have gone furious over Spotify’s blunder and demanded from the company to make an official apology to the Korean star. For that purpose, they have started the trend on Twitter ‘Apologize to Lisa’ globally as the k-pop star has to face a lot of vile, misogynist and abusive comments on the Internet because of the company’s blunder. 

What’s the Spotify’s blunder?

Spotify has released ‘Most Streamed K-Pop Soloist of 2022’ in which BTS JungKook grabbed the top spot. Several fans were ok with that because K-Pop sensation Jungkook had done wonderful solo projects this year including the FIFA World Cup song Dreamers.

It is to be noted that Spotify releases this kind of lists every year to track the trends of the certain year. However, Spotify rectified its mistake for merging multiple genre tags to lead slightly different top ten lists by tweeting on the official Spotify K-Pop Twitter handle.

Spotify later changed the title holder and gave it to Lisa. It released an apology for not properly merging their genre tags and considered Lisa as the title holder.

Netizens spew vile comments on her

After the backtracked of Spotify, netizens started spewing vile, misogynist, and abusive comments on her.

Supporters demand an apology

Soon ‘Apologise to Lisa’ begin trending on Twitter with supporters demanding a formal apology from Spotify. She has to face harassing, abusive and misogynist comments because of Spotify’s blunder. Hence, the company must make a formal apology.

That’s how people react on Twitter

That’s how people react.

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