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Anshula Kapoor says workout shouldn’t be a punishment for what you eat, shares a hack to make it fun. Watch

Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor’s sister, Anshula Kapoor, has earlier delighted her fans with her weight transformation journey. Anshula is also quite vocal about body positivity, mental health, and her struggle with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). With her most recent video, she shared a hack with her followers on how to think of exercise as a fun activity and stressed that working out shouldn’t be a punishment for what you have eaten. She posted a video showcasing how she works out to stay fit by including any type of movement throughout her week. (Also Read | Katrina Kaif wanted to do stretches because she felt lazy, here are 6 exercises Yasmin Karachiwala suggested: Watch)

Anshula Kapoor shares a peek into her workout routine

On Tuesday, Anshula Kapoor shared an Instagram reel featuring two videos of herself weight training at the gym and dancing at her home. Anshula also penned an inspiring note in the caption, talking about how some days exercise means hitting the gym and other days it means dancing at home for 30 minutes. She added that a workout should not be a punishment for what you have eaten in a week but a fun activity involving movements to keep yourself fit. In the end, she revealed this practice positively impacted her mental health. Keep scrolling to watch Anshula’s video and read her motivating caption.

Anshula wrote in the post, “On some days “Exercise” means I hit the gym and do a traditional weight training program…but on other days it means I put on a dance playlist in my room and just get goofy for a half hour of fun. Because the goal is to have fun doing some kind of movement 5-6 times a week.”

She added, “It took me a while to do this, but once I stopped looking at exercise as a form of punishment for what I’ve eaten in the week, I found myself looking forward to working out a whole lot more. Now when I look at it as a way to have fun, I feel like it has a positive effect on my mental health too. #ExerciseCanBeFun #IDontKnowHowToDanceButIKnowHowToHaveFunWithIt.”

Meanwhile, Anshula Kapoor runs a charitable organisation Fankind that connects stars with their fans and uses the proceeds for charitable causes.

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