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Anand Mahindra impressed by 6-seater cycle, says can act as ‘tour bus’ in Europe

Mahindra Group chairperson Anand Mahindra, known for actively sharing quirky stories on social media, shared a video of a young man from rural India, who has invented an electric six-seater cycle auto-rickshaw, and said the device could find “global application”.

Impressed with the innovation, the tycoon wrote on Twitter, “With just small design inputs, (cylindrical sections for the chassis @BosePratap?) this device could find global application. As a tour ‘bus’ in crowded European tourist centres? I’m always impressed by rural transport innovations, where necessity is the mother of invention.”

The clip features a man riding the vehicle in the background of vast fields. According to the man, the vehi can accommodate six persons in total and cost between 10,000 and Rs. 12,000. After charging it, one can go up to 150 kilometres. He also claimed that the vehicle can be charged for just 10.

Since being shared on Thursday, the clip has garnered more than five lakhs views on Twitter. The innovation piqued the interest of internet users and compliments poured in. A user wrote, “It’s a great idea for closed loops like in a zoo, park, corp complexes, won’t be fit for general traffic because 1. Turning radius, 2. Centrifugal balance when turning, 3.Suspension on uneven roads, 4. no space for luggage, 5. Battery capacity on high load.”

Another user wrote, “I’m amazed at the price of less than $150. Guess he’s only talking of material cost. If a corporation makes this the price will be $1500 at min ( 10x of COGS ). So, best to put the design in open source and let the community innovate!” A third user commented, “Hats off to such young talents of India..”

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