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Anand Mahindra Announces Landmark Personal Pledge to Mahindra University

Hyderabad: Mahindra University is pleased to announce a landmark personal pledge from Mr Anand Mahindra and his family of Rs. 500 Crores over the next five years (starting from FY25 till FY29). This generous pledge will be pivotal for the University as it continues to expand into new disciplines. It will help propel Mahindra University’s mission to strive for interdisciplinary academic excellence and train multi-skilled leaders committed to inclusive and sustainable progress.

In addition, Mr Mahindra has made a dedicated pledge of Rs. 50 Crore endowing the Indira Mahindra School of Education in FY25. Named in memory of Ms. Indira Mahindra, a teacher (and Mr. Mahindra’s mother), the school aspires to be a centre of excellence in educational research, practice, and innovations.

This combined pledge of Rs 550 Crores is the latest of many education initiatives that Mr Mahindra supports around India, including the Mahindra United World College India and the Mahindra International School. In 1996, he started the Nanhi Kali programme, which has provided over 700,000 underprivileged girls with access to high-quality education over the past two decades.

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