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Alphonse Puthren looks unrecognisable in viral photo ahead of Gold release, fans react ‘is he okay?’

Filmmaker Alphonse Puthren, who is gearing up for the release of his Malayalam film Gold, is back in the spotlight after seven years since the release of his last film, Premam. A new picture of Alphonse has surfaced online and left his fans wondering if he’s alright. Many also speculated if bad health is the reason behind his absence in the industry. Also read: Alphonse Puthren wants to know why film shootings are still not allowed

On Tuesday, the latest picture of Alphonse started doing rounds on social media. He looked completely unrecognisable in a lean physique. People started comparing one of his older pictures to the latest one and started wondering if he’s alright.

The most common reaction to the picture has been sad-face emoji and people asking about his well-being. One fan commented, “What’s with the drastic change? All ok with him.” Another one added, “Can’t even recognise him. Is it some healthy diet trend?” Meanhwile, some urged others to not speculate about his health without any knowledge. Someone said, “Don’t body shame without knowing the actual reason. Remember the late Chadwick Boseman?.”

Gold is Alphonse’s third directorial feature. It stars Prithviraj Sukumaran and Nayanthara. Interestingly, the film will be released without having a trailer launch event. Except for a one-minute teaser, there’s absolutely no promotional activities happening ahead of the release.

Last year, Alphonse took to his Facebook page to announce his new project with Fahadh Faasil. For reasons unknown, the project never hit the shooting floors. The Malayalam film is titled Paattu and is backed by UGM Entertainments.

“My next feature film’s name is Paattu. Fahadh Faasil is the hero. Produced by UGM Entertainments. This time I’ll be doing music too. It will be in Malayalam language. Will update the rest of the crew and cast members while the feature film progresses,” Alphonse wrote in his post. Currently, there’s no update about the project.

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