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Aaftab plays chess in jail, sometimes with other inmates: Report

Aaftab Amin Poonawala, who allegedly killed his live-in partner Shraddha Poonawala in May this year, spends time inside Tihar by playing chess, news agency ANI reported citing jail authorities. Both his polygraph test and narco-analysis tests have been done and in both tests, he confessed to having killed Shraddha Walkar, and then chopped her body into pieces.

In Tihar, Aaftab has been kept at Cell no 15 of Jail No 4. He shares his cell with two other inmates and they play chess sometimes. Aaftab has been found playing chess alone as well. “He is the single player and he strategises and plays both sides himself,” jail officials told ANI. The other two inmates are accused of theft cases. Aaftab is a good player, the report said.

Aaftab spends most of his time alone and plays chess for hours. He is not interacting much with the other two inmates either.

Aaftab’s chess strategy has put investigators in doubt about whether he will pull some tricks.

This doubt is not new and Delhi Police have already been suspicious of Aaftab’s ‘obedient’ behaviour. Aaftab obeyed all instructions of the officials during the polygraph and the narco test.

Though he tried to mislead the Maharashtra Police initially when he was called for interrogation in connection with Shraddha’s disappearance, he said Shraddha left his Chhatarpur flat in May and they were not in touch. To Delhi Police, he confessed to his crime and revealed gory details of how he chopped Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces and stored them in the freezer. Investigators are suspicious about whether everything is part of Aaftab’s plan.

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