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7 Ways To Keep Healthy And Strong Nails

Healthy nails are a reflection of overall health and well-being. They can make your hands look neat, or they can make them look unhygienic and unhealthy. If you want to have healthy nails, there are a few things you can do to take care of them, as suggested by Rajesh U. Pandya, Managing Director of KAI India.

Eat a healthy diet: Maintaining a balanced diet is essential not only for your overall physical well-being but also for nurturing healthy nails. Add natural food sources that are abundant in vitamins, minerals, and proteins to foster the growth of stronger and more resilient nails.

Stay hydrated: Drinking sufficient water facilitates the retention of moisture in your nails, acting as a barrier against breakage and peeling.

Protect with Gloves: Frequent exposure to too much heat and harsh chemicals can make our nails weak and brittle. To prevent this, wear light gloves when doing tasks like washing dishes or cleaning, as they involve using soaps and sprays. Wearing gloves will protect your hands and nails from the harmful effects of these substances. Also, try not to keep your hands soaked in water for a very long period.

Keep your nails trimmed: Opting for shorter nails is generally preferred over longer ones. Short nails are simpler to take care and are easy to clean, and are less prone to accumulating dirt. They are less likely to break and offer a neat appearance. Additionally, shorter nails can assist in warding off potentially harmful bacteria inside them.

Say No to Artificial Nails: Though getting artificial nails might seem stylish, it’s not without downsides. They can weaken your real nails because of the way they’re attached and the glue used. Plus, they can trap a lot of dirt underneath, which could lead to bacterial infections.

Care for Your Cuticles: It’s important to be mindful of your cuticles. Avoid pushing them back too much, especially during frequent manicures, as this can harm them and create openings for infections to enter the nail bed.

Moisturize your nails: Applying regular moisturization is recommended, as it creates a protective layer that enhances the resilience and strength of your nails.

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