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5 Tips To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

In the era of the internet, children have become used to electronic devices more than ever before. This not only affects their physical well-being but can also have a major impact on their mental health. As a parent, you must make your kid realise the importance of overall health and encourage them to limit their screen time. Read on to know five effective ways to limit your child’s screen time.

1. Spend Time With Your Children

Every parent should take out some time from their busy schedule to spend it with their children. Dinner time or an hour before bedtime can be utilised to make an effort to get to know your child as well as their daily schedule. This will not only keep them away from electronic devices for a while but also help you understand how much time they spend using those devices. You can accordingly come up with ideas to limit their screen time.

2. Explain To Them The Reason For Limiting Screen Time

Instead of forcing them to stay away from electronic devices, explain to them the reasons for limiting their screen time. After being aware of its negative consequences on their health, they might stop themselves from excessive use of electronic gadgets. Make sure that the entire family is included in the discussion. Along with children, every member should comply with the rules to encourage them to follow the same.

3. Introduce Your Children To Other Fun Activities

At a time when the internet is one of the most comfortable options for spending your leisure time, educate your children about other fun activities. Give them the freedom to speak their mind and let you know about their likes and dislikes. Outdoor activities, reading books, painting, singing, and dancing are some of the best alternatives to spending time on electronic devices.

4. Spend More Time Outdoors

Take your child out, to different places, whenever you can. Make sure they explore the world as it is the best viable option that can keep them busy yet entertained. If you don’t want your children to waste their time on electronic devices, then ensure that they spend some time outdoors.

5. Make Screen Time A Privilege

Remember, if you force your child to follow rules, then it will only affect your relationship negatively. Instead, set a time limit for their allowed screen time. Also, offer rewards if they stick to the set screen time.

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