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5 Common Skincare Mistakes Men Must Avoid

Women treat their skin like babies, showering it with nurture and care. On the other hand, most men are completely the opposite. They treat skincare as a luxury. With time, men are becoming more aware of its importance, and their skincare habits are changing too. It would be a shame if they continue making the following common skincare mistakes. If you are guilty of any of these, it is time to change your ways.

Forgetting to apply sunscreen

Most men spend hours exposing their skin to the Sun during their weekly commute, football game, lunch break, etc. and they frequently forget to apply sunscreen. In the long run, this can result in premature ageing, skin darkening, and, in severe cases, skin cancer. So, boys, take heed and apply sunscreen before venturing out.

Ignoring basic hygiene

It is very to maintain a basic sense of hygiene. This includes washing your face and neck when you perspire, changing your razor blade or cartridge when it becomes blunt, and keeping your hands and phone clean because they can easily transmit bacteria. Maintaining basic hygiene will keep your skin clear, fresh and healthy.

Not knowing their skin type

Most men are oblivious to whether their skin is normal, oily or a combination of both. Unfortunately, their ignorance leads to poor skin care choices as well! That is why, men, it is time to determine your skin type. You’ll be able to find products that are best suited to you based on this.

Ignoring a skin care regimen

Many men ignore a skin care regimen with the right products, whether it’s due to laziness or ignorance about their skin type. It’s time to change that by sticking to a routine for a healthy and youthful appearance. For instance, use the men’s oil control face wash and moisturiser if you have oily skin.

Disregarding facial hair

What men fail to realise is that their facial hair requires special attention. When washing your face, go behind the hair follicles to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Choose the best beard or moustache oil to keep your facial hair moisturised and healthy. Whether you choose to trim or shave, keep your hair groomed and free of frizz.

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