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118-year-old Tamil Man Urges Youth To Participate In The Upcoming Elections – News18

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The man hails from Thanjavur.

The man named Mohammad Abu Saliq is advising people to vote without any hesitation.

All the 40 Lok Sabha constituencies in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry are scheduled to go on polls in a single phase on April 19. An elderly man from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, has taken an initiative to urge the people, especially youngsters, to vote freely. As per an exclusive report by News18, the man is around 118 years old. He is advising people to participate in the upcoming Lok Sabha election voting and is urging the first time voters to vote without any hesitation. Named Mohammad Abu Saliq, the elderly man came to Thanjavur in 1956 at the age of 50, during the Burma riots and settled here. For the last 50 years he has been selling sweets; the locals fondly call him Mittai Thatha. More reports state that as a citizen of India, Abu Saliq has participated in every election as a voter. Inspired by him, an awareness program was organised by a private trust in Thanjavur, to inform new voters about the importance of a vote. It was titled 18+ calling 118 with the help of Abu Saliq.

According to more information, the awareness event took place at the Thanjavur Government Industrial Training Institute playground. Abu Saliq was invited for the commencement of the event. 100 autos were prepared to carry the election awareness slogans. Accompanied by Abu Saliq, starting from the venue these autos were taken around the city to create awareness among the locals.

General elections in the country are scheduled to start from April 19, 2024 and will continue till June 1, 2024. It is going to be held in seven phases in these months and the results will be announced on June 4, 2024. According to more information, 2024 general elections will become the largest in the world, surpassing 2019 general elections.

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