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Zodiac signs that would make the best travel partners

That one trip with a friend excited to explore? The thrill of an adventure with someone that matches your vibe is the plan for a perfect trip. But, finding the right partner for your travel expeditions is not that easy. Read on to find out which zodiac signs will make the best travel partners.

Aries: Boring is the last word an Aries would be associated with. They are extremely spontaneous. They might be the one friend that calls you up, suddenly ready for a trip with tickets in hand. A trip with them will be anything but boring. Sightseeing might as well be the last thing on their itinerary. They dislike routines and therefore, each day will be packed with fun adventure activities like paragliding, trekking and much more.

Taurus: Taurus thrives in luxury. They would rather be up for a trip to the mountains where they can unwind and relax. Crowded places with shouting people are so not their scene. A trip with their partner or friend to a secluded place where they can enjoy each other’s company and the surroundings checks all the boxes for a Taurus.

Gemini: Gemini never stick to the plan. They get bored easily and following the itinerary is not their thing. On a vacation, they might just change their plans mid-activity and take up a newer, more thrilling adventure. Trying and testing it out is not in their motto. They would have no problem cancelling the current plans and doing something more interesting them.

Cancer: Cancer, likes comfort. A weekend’s stay at a farmhouse, with lots of food and fun, helps them relax in the best way. With their partner wanting to take the driving wheel of the trip, Cancer would just find comfort in their company and make beautiful memories together.

Leo: These wild babies love to party! They would most likely be searching for the best party spot in town. Friends, music and dance are a perfect night for a Leo. They are the life of a party, energising everyone with their enthusiasm. A trip exploring various cities, with nights at different clubs, and you can consider a Leo in.

Virgo: Here’s a list of all the expenses, stays, and itineraries we are going to need. Well, that’s a Virgo. They excel at planning. If you are a sign that doesn’t like to deal with this side of travelling, better leave it to a Virgo. They would be all on a trip to one place and exploring all of its aspects with a partner. Virgo is a perfectionist and this accompanies them on their travel, where they try to get the best of it all.

Libra: Libra believes in exploration. They tend to enjoy themselves silently. They love things associated with history. Beauty is of value to them and therefore, long heritage walks, around historical places would be one of their plans on a trip. Rather than being at the helm, they would just enjoy the ride and thus can be good travel partners for signs that like to plan everything themselves.

Scorpio: I am going to see it all! You might find a Scorpio saying this while on travel. They do not mind the hustle that comes with travelling. If it is in their itinerary, they might as well see three to four places in a day. Activities like mountain climbing for an amazing view of a sunset and then a trek down the hill would excite rather than deter them.

Sagittarius: Go with the flow, is a principal Sagittarius follows religiously. They are nothing, if not spontaneous. They never plan things beforehand, knowing their minds might change the next second. Rest and sleep are a waste of time for this sign, as they would most likely be diving in the lake at night or eating smores at the bonfire. Any weird or risky place in mind, find a Sagittarius to tag along.

Capricorn: Relaxation is not for this sign; it can be done later. They never do anything half-heartedly. To travel is to seize life for them. They feel alive in the breathlessness of a deep-sea dive or after reaching the top of a peak. Their never-backdown attitude might be off-putting for some but pair them up with a Scorpio and well, that’s a match.

Aquarius: Familiar with the five Ws and 1 H? If not, ask an Aquarius. They like to get to the bottom of things. From the history of a place to the journey of its current existence, they would be curious about it all. You might also find them already knowing a bit of the history of the place they are travelling to. They like to communicate and connect. Therefore, when on a trip you would find them talking to the locals and trying different cuisines.

Pisces: You are not the only partner a Pisces would travel with. They enjoy the company of various people. You might find that a journey that started with two people, is now a group expedition. When Pisces travels, they detach themselves from their real lives. They travel to escape. They would love to sit near the shore, listening to their favourite playlist and reminiscing old memories. Travel is soulful for them and they, therefore, let go of the worries of the world and sit back and enjoy their own company.

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