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Youtuber Drives Modified Tesla Model S Upside Down With Giant 10 Feet Wheels: Watch Video

Youtubers have been recently making videos of doing unusual experiments with expensive cars. Some of these experiments even lead to the modification and even destruction of cars. Many times these videos border on being dangerous. Adding to the list of such videos, a content creator has shared a video experimenting on a Tesla Electric car. The social media user modified the electric vehicle and later used the modification to drive the vehicle upside down. It is to be noted that these stunts performed by the content creators are very dangerous, and it is advised not to do them.

The video shared on WhistlinDiesel’s begins by testing the Tesla car’s durability. Going to extreme lengths, the Youtuber performs unusual stunts with the electric vehicle. The man starts by bumping the EV here and there, including hitting the curb.

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The Youtuber then drives the EV with the wheels jammed by a jammer, forcing the driver to continue driving even though the vehicle cannot. This causes damage to the road. The following segment of the video shows him driving through speed breakers without slowing down, even though the bumps are throwing him around. He then repeatedly smashed the doors to test their durability. 

By the end of the video, the Youtuber modifies the Tesla EV by installing giant 10 feet wheels on it. Moving on, he drives the car with its new wheels. During the process, he drives the car through a gate ending up in complete destruction. Even after that, he rolls the car with giant tyres. Not satisfied with all of it, the Youtuber flips the electric vehicle using an earth mover machine. Later he gets in the driver’s seat while the electric vehicle is upside down. Putting on the seatbelt to hold him in the seat, the man drives the upside-down EV.

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