Bolton: Taliban may seize Nuclear Weapons from Pakistan, says Pakistani military has radical Islamists in its ranks


Taliban fighters stand guard on the backdrop of shops selling antiques and decorative merchandise at Chicken Street in Kabul on September 26, 2021.(Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images)

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UPDATED 4:20 PM PT – Sunday, September 26, 2021

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton has stirred up the latest fears of war with claims of nuclear proliferation in Afghanistan. In an interview on Sunday, Bolton said the Taliban would be able to obtain nuclear weapons by expanding its influence into the neighboring Pakistan.

Pakistan claimed to have some nuclear warheads, although its nuclear status was not recognized by the U.N. Bolton stressed key U.S. ally India could be put under pressure by the hostile Pakistan as well, along with China solidifying its ties with the Taliban.

“The Taliban in control of Afghanistan threatens the possibility of terrorists taking control of Pakistan too and there are already a lot of radicals in the Pakistani military,” he explained. “If the whole country gets taken over by terrorists that means maybe 150 nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists, which is a real threat to us and our friends.”

Bolton also highlighted the Quad Group alliance, which is centered around India, by saying it may help the U.S. protect its security interests in South Asia.

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