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Which dance form should you learn based on your zodiac sign?

Aries: Swishing bodies and elegant postures. Salsa is the perfect dance form for this sign, who is cheerful, vivacious and the most confident in the room. They like to groove and be the most different in the crowd. This dance form will definitely make them a highlight at a party.

Taurus: Taureans are the most down-to-earth, rooted people you will ever meet. Their stability and sensuality get an amazing stage in the Spanish dance form, Pasodoble. They love beauty and beautiful things that have a meaning or connection. Therefore, do try it out Taureans.

Gemini: Bear hugs you said? Gemini gives them for free all the time. Along with their affectionate personalities, they tend to have a lot of wild sides and moods. Freestyle Bollywood is a dance that they might find themselves doing in their rooms or bathrooms all the time.

Cancer: Something with history and love is what Cancerians would love. Waltz, a German dance form has a rich cultural heritage and includes, group and solo performances. Try doing it with your partners or taking solo lessons when you can.

Leo: Leo likes to Tango. In life with possibilities and in dance as well. They can be wild and calm. Thus, with its sharpness and grace, this is the best dance form for Leo.

Virgo: Perfectionists would love a dance form that is perfect. Ballet requires a lot of hardwork and dedication for a person to be good at it. Virgos have it. They love this process of enjoying victory after working for it. Try out Ballet even when it might take time, Virgos.

Libra: Slow, steady, and romantic? Check! Check! Check! Jazz will appeal to this sign due to its beauty and aesthetics. Harmony and fun as a combination is something who wouldn’t want to try out.

Scorpio: We got the moves to groove! Hip Hop can’t be practised by anyone, you need to be madly in love with this precious dance form, to learn it. Scorpios are intense and fluid and they would like a dance form that is as layered as their personalities, which is Hip Hop.

Sagittarius: Free-spirited, optimistic, and creative to the bone. Contemporary Dance, which is freestyle, leaves room for individual creativity. Therefore, Sagittarians can be their versatile selves in this one.

Capricorn: Capricorns are disciplined and focused. Flamenco, mostly performed solo, need a lot of concentration and patience. Qualities that Capricorns are habitual of.

Aquarius: Bhangra, a quirky and fun dance form is the best for Aquarians who don’t like to be bound by definitions. They like to experiment and this dance form will let them do just that.

Pisces: Loved the dance sequences in Bridgerton? Well, Ballroom dance is just that. Elegant, graceful, and extremely beautiful with ball gowns and suits. It is a dream that you, Pisces should live.

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