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When Tommy Fury tried to pronounce KSI’s real name: Oladunjay Olatunji

Former Love Island contestant and professional English boxer Tommy Fury is scheduled to step into the boxing ring against KSI, a YouTuber turned boxer, in Manchester on October 14. Both fighters are determined to protect their undefeated records.

Boxing – X Series Press Conference – OVO Arena Wembley, London, Britain – August 22, 2023 KSI head to head with Tommy Fury as promoter Kalle Sauerland looks on during the press conference Action Images via Reuters/Andrew Boyers(Action Images via Reuters)

Before the fight, the two of them met for a promotional video, during which KSI challenged Fury to pronounce his real name, which is Olajide Olatunji.

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As seen in the video, Tommy Fury struggled to pronounce KSI’s real name correctly.

To conclude the exchange, Fury said, “When you’re in the ring with me, you’ll be facing someone who has dedicated their entire life to fighting. I will overcome you.”

During a recent interview on the ITV program Good Morning Britain, Fury issued a warning to KSI. He stated, “This will be an easy victory for me; I am training as if I am preparing for a world title fight. When I step into the ring with KSI, he will quickly discover that facing a YouTuber is vastly different from facing a professional boxer.”

Fury continued, “A message for KSI: Enough with the fancy talk, jokes, and ridiculous bandanas. Whatever you choose to do… On October 14, his life will be in shambles. All of his singing, podcasting, and business ventures will come to an end. Mark my words—he will leave Manchester Arena in an ambulance. I can confidently guarantee it.”

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Fury’s father, John, chimed in, saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover. This young man can fight; he’s incredibly tough. The fans are going to be thrilled.”

KSI recently posted on Instagram: “On October 14, I will accomplish what Paul couldn’t and defeat Fury in what will be the most significant crossover boxing event in history, taking place at Manchester’s AO Arena, live on DAZN PPV on the Prime card!”

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