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What’s on menu? Vladimir Putin-Kim Jong Un’s dinner plans

Russian president Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were offered a menu including duck and fig salad, crab dumplings, sturgeon and beef with a choice of Russian wines, a Kremlin reporter said. The menu began with a salad of duck, fig and nectarine followed by Russian “pelmeni” dumplings made with Kamchatka crab and then a White Amur fish soup and a sorbet from sea buckthorn.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, right, and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un shake hands during their meeting.(AP)
Russian president Vladimir Putin, right, and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un shake hands during their meeting.(AP)

For the main course, there was a choice of sturgeon with mushrooms and potatoes or an entrecote of marbled beef with grilled vegetables. For dessert, they were offered red bilberries from the taiga with pine nuts and condensed milk. White and red wines from the Divnomorskoe manor from southern Russia were also on the table.

During the official dinner in Russia’s Vostochny cosmodrome, in an unprecedented summit, Vladimir Putin toasted the “strengthening of future cooperation” with North Korea.

“A toast to the future strengthening of cooperation and friendship between our countries,” Putin said, raising his glass in footage aired by Russian state television, adding, “For the well-being and prosperity of our nations, for the health of the chairman and all of those present.

Vladimir Putin was seen standing up to make the toast with his foreign and defence ministers sitting next to him while facing Kim Jong Un and the North Korean delegation.

Praising Moscow and Pyongyang’s historical ties, quoting a Russian proverb that “an old friend is better than two new ones”, Vladimir Putin said, “Our relations were established back in Korea’s fight for freedom in 1945, when Soviet and Korean soldiers fought side by side against Japanese militarists. And today we also strive to strengthen the bonds of camaraderie and good neighbourliness. We act in the name of peace, stability and prosperity of our common region.”

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