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Watch: Rahul Gandhi offers to drop Mallikarjun Kharge home from Parliament

A video of an interaction between Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and Congress president Mallikarjun Karge has emerged where Rahul Gandhi offered to drop Mallikarjun Kharge home as his car was parked behind and Rahul Gandhi’s car was there. Congress leader Supriya Shrinate shared the video on Twitter with a heart sign.

Rahul Gandhi with Congress MPs during a protest over Adani issue at the Parliament House Complex on Friday. (Hindustan Times)

As seen in the video, Rahul Gandhi was walking behind Mallikarjun Kharge surrounded by PAs, camera persons. With his hand on Mallikarjun Kharge’s back, Rahul Gandhi asked where his car was. A person from the side said the car is behind; it’s coming. “Where will you go? I will drop you,” Rahul Gandhi said. “Will go home only,” Mallikarjun Kharge said. “I can drop you to your home,” Rahul Gandhi said as both of them went inside the car.

The Congress in Parliament is engaged in heavy firefighting in the face of the attack of the BJP MPs who have been demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi for his statement on India and Indian democracy. The Congress, on the other hand, has been demanding a probe into the Adani scam by the joint parliamentary committee.

Several BJP ministers have spoken against Rahul Gandhi’s UK statement, with BJP chief JP Nadda calling Rahul Gandhi anti-national on Friday. Mallikarjun Kharge gave a strong reply to this and said those who had no contribution to India’s freedom struggle are the anti-nationals. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said the demand for an apology is nonsense as Rahul Gandhi did not say anything for which he should apologise.

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