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Watch: Man’s Reaction to Bride’s 18-Page Wedding Vows Is Priceless – News18

Last Updated: September 12, 2023, 13:55 IST

She narrates how the groom proposed to her in Goa. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

As she unfurls the 18 pages of wedding vows, the groom’s reaction is a delightful mix of shock and laughter.

The concept of lavish Indian weddings has taken on a new dimension as couples go to great lengths to transform their special day into a fairy tale. Among these extravagant celebrations, this desi bride stands out. She gained widespread attention for a unique gesture: she prepared a meticulously detailed list of wedding vows spanning 18 pages. When she rolled out these long wedding vows during the ceremony, the groom’s reaction was truly priceless. Sucheetah A. Mukerji, the bride, shared this video on her Instagram account.

In the video, the Indian bride is all dolled up in a golden and cream-coloured lehenga, standing with her groom on the stage. As she unfurls the 18 pages of wedding vows, the groom’s reaction is a delightful mix of shock and laughter. “It is not easy being the best thing that has happened to Nisarg Gagrani,” she said.

In the second part of the video, holding a long list in her hand, the bride begins by saying, “On a hot summer night at a beach club in Goa, under the influence of a lot of love, you went down on one knee and asked me to marry you with a Bisleri water cap. A foreigner, passing us at the time, looked at me and politely asked me to refuse. Do not accept this; make him work for it, she said. And work you did.”

Continuing her narration, she adds, “The same night while dropping me to the cab, because you refused to accept that night was over and I refused to accept it could go on any longer, you profusely told my Uber driver how you’re going to marry me. And while that poor guy just cared about his 5-star rating, you even invited him to our wedding.” The groom then inquires whether the driver has arrived yet, to which she responds, “Manooj, if you’re here, the chaat is incredible, and you’ve earned your 5 stars.”

Concluding the video, she recites all the wedding vows and tells him that he has 5 seconds to decide. Finally, she passes the mic to the groom.

Watch the video here:

Many people shared their thoughts in the comments section. Reacting to the clip, a person wrote, “Yes I’m watching it on loop, yes I think I’m gonna die single, yes I’m secretly manifesting this so hard!” While another added, “This is too wholesome. Happiness to you both!” “How beautiful is this. love love love n forever love & happiness for you two,” read a comment.

Since being posted, this video has gathered 7.1 million views.

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