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Want to Consult Elon Musk or Steve Jobs at Work? ChatGPT May Help You Out

ChatGPT prompts to help at work go viral. (Representative image: Pexels via Canva)

ChatGPT prompts to help you out at work- Twitter user Aadit Sheth’s thread is going viral.

ChatGPT will now help you consult ‘Elon Musk’ and ‘Steve Jobs’ at work. Or at least something close enough, if you go by Twitter user Aadit Sheth’s prompts for the AI chatbot. Aadit has compiled a list of techniques which, he claims, can save you hours a day at work. The ChatGPT prompts include ones that can help with accelerating rate of learning, consulting Musk and Jobs, making the bot write like yourself, help with recruitment and social media, and more.

For instance, the ChatGPT prompt that would mimic advice from Musk or Jobs, according to Aadit, goes: “I will provide you with an argument or opinion of mine. I want you to criticize it as if you were .”

Aadit’s prompt to get ChatGPT to write like you, on the other hand, goes: “[Insert Text] Analyze the writing style and write about building a business as the above author would write.”

Here are the ChatGPT prompts that are going viral on Twitter:

Aadit, who calls himself ‘The Prompt Engineering Guy’ also runs a Prompt Daily newsletter where he gives out more such info.

Amid global concern surrounding Artificial Intelligence rendering jobs obsolete, GPT-4 has recently passed a number of exams including The Bar, LSAT, GRE and a host of AP subjects, barring English language and literature. This, people on Twitter have opined, points to a crucial deficiency in the bot’s abilities.

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