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TMC MP Mahua Moitra Alleges Nishikant Dubey’s MBA, PhD Degrees Are Fake; BJP MP Hits Back

BJP MP from Jharkhand Nishikant Dubey is in the eye of the storm over his fake MBA degrees as both the Congress and the Trinamool Congress have accused him of furnishing fake degrees in his election affidavit. TMC MP Mahua Moitra posted multiple tweets with photos of Dubey’s degree claiming that they are fake. She said that Dubey in his 2009 and 2014 Lok Sabha affidavits claimed to have done a ‘part time MBA from Delhi University’. She underlined that prior to 2019, a full list of educational qualifications was required to be listed.

“On 27.08.2020 Delhi University in a written reply clearly stated NO SUCH candidate with the name of the Honourable Member was either admitted or passed out from any MBA program in DU in year 1993 as claimed in affidavits. Also answered a RTI stating same. In 2019 Lok Sabha affidavit Hon’ble Member makes no mention of MBA and instead only states he has a PhD in Management from Pratap University Rajasthan in 2018. Please note- One cannot do a PhD from UGC deemed uni without valid masters degree,” alleged Moitra.

The TMC MP further alleged that Dubey in his PhD application to Pratap University made no mention of a DU MBA degree. “Now finally see this. Hon’ble member in his PhD application to Pratap Uni makes NO mention of DU MBA degree & instead miraculously has another MBA transcript from Pratap Uni itself from 2013-15!  Clearly loves collecting MBA degrees 🙂 – never know which one may work,” she alleged.

Taking another swipe at the BJP MP, Mahua Moitra said, “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. And people who have fake degrees & have lied on affidavits should definitely not throw the rule book.”

The TMC said that people now want to see Dubey’s MBA degree certificate issued by Delhi University in 1993 and asked the BJP MP to do a whatsapp forward to her.

Moitra further made a tweet highlighting anomalies in the degrees issued by Pratap University. “Am very keen to see Hon’ble Member’s attendance record at Pratap Uni for full-time MBA 2013-15 given he was full-time MP then & match with LS attendance & constituency visits. Btw Pratap Uni MBA transcript has spelt “cumulative” incorrectly so don’t know how genuine it is,” she said.

On the other hand, Congress general secretary KC Venugopal asked Nishikant Dubey to first look after his degree before attacking Rahul Gandhi.

However, the BJP MP hit back at the allegation. Taking to Twitter, Dubey said that the RTI sent to Delhi University had the wrong address and added that DU can’t respond to an RTI which was not sent to it.

“This order of the Honorable Supreme Court, along with the Election Commission, who accepted that I have a valid degree is a certificate to send the Bengal MP and her gang to Agra. This certificate is heart-wrenching and shocking for the woman MP from Bengal,” said Dubey.

In another tweet, Dubey asked her supporters to not use foul language against the Bengal woman MP for having ‘distorted mentality’

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