Renault Electric Vehicle Strategy: Renault to cap top speed at 180 kmph, lays out EV strategy | – Times of India


NEW DELHI: The speed will be capped on Renault and Dacia models, and will not exceed 180km/h, the French carmakers announced on Monday.
In addition to commitments made on vehicle electrification, with electric vehicles accounting for 65% of sales by 2025, and 90% in 2030 for the Renault brand in Europe, the Group aims to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe in 2040 and worldwide in 2050.
Assembled in France with carbon-free energy, the 2025 rollout of the R5 will include more sustainable batteries that boast a reduced carbon footprint of at least 20% (compared to ZOE in 2020).

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On the manufacturing side, the Group aims to reduce emissions from facilities by 50% worldwide (compared to 2019). To reach this target, the company will invest €20 million in its industrial facilities, thereby generating up to €90 million in savings, through reduced energy bills and avoided penalties for excess emissions.
Vehicle dismantling and part recycling – including batteries – at the Re-Factory in Flins and Renault Environment subsidiaries will generate more than €1 billion in sales by 2030.

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