Electric car flying? Mercedes-Benz EQS ‘found’ hanging in air – Times of India


The 42nd Mercedes Cup, held between June 7 and 13, had a startling view before the kick off.
The winner of the tournament takes home a brand-new EQS: the first all-electric Mercedes-Benz in the luxury class.
Shortly before the start of the tournament, the EQS had been hovering high above the grass courts.
EQS, unveiled earlier this year, is pinnacle of Mercedes engineering. The MBUX Hyperscreen is one of the features in the inside of the new EQS. The enormous, bended screen richly ranges practically the whole width from left to right A-pillar.
With versatile programming, the presentation and working idea completely acclimates to the client and makes customized ideas for various infotainment, solace and vehicle capacities. The EQS will be an eye-catcher at Stuttgart’s Weissenhof.

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