Citroen Ami Cargo EV: Citroen debuts Ami Cargo EV: Compact, quirky and electric – Times of India


Citroen has taken the covers off of the new Ami Cargo, which is a commercial vehicle derived from Ami EV. Certain changes have been made in order to accommodate the needs of cargo-hauling professionals.
The Ami Cargo has a boot space of 400 liters and a payload of 140 kilos. This is impressive considering how small the original design of the car is. This optimization of interior space has been done at the expense of the passenger seat, which means the Ami Cargo can only seat the driver and his haulage.

The compact size of the cargo makes it ideal for urban runabouts. The capacity of the Ami Cargo is greater than that of 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles. It is capable of a full charge from a standard power socket in 3 hours.
It is aimed directly at the likes of local e-commerce companies, postal services and other professions that may benefit from a small go anywhere EV. It is also intended for industrial sites, where certain employees make multiple trips from one structure to another to deliver documents, tools, small equipment, etc. The Ami Cargo can be used by everyone who can benefit from a small go-anywhere EV.

“Inspired by the version designed for individuals, My Ami Cargo retains the idea that guided the design of Ami” said Richard Meyer, Stellantis Commercial Vehicles Strategy and New Mobilities Manager. “This is why we created an innovative interior space, allowing us to make an offer that’s unique on the market, while retaining the simplicity and clever design of Ami” he added.

The Ami Cargo will be available with the same digital ecosystems and customizable options as the regular Ami and will be available from early June

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