Ravichandran Ashwin Offers To Buy N95 Masks For The Needy, Asks Fans For Ways To Distribute Them | Cricket News


India cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin’s humanitarian side came to the fore as he offered to buy N95 masks for people who cannot afford it as India battles a deadly second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. Ashwin tweeted to urge his followers to wear two masks but refrain from wearing cloth masks. When a Twitter user pointed out that an N95 mask might be unaffordable for many in the country, Ashwin offered to buy such masks and asked his followers to suggest ways of distributing masks among those in the need.

Ashwin, who took a break form the now-postponed Indian Premier League to assist his family in recovering from COVID-19, was active on Twitter on Friday morning, urging people to maintain safe distance from another and get their vaccination done.

When another Twitter user pointed out that no vaccination centres were available in his area, Ashwin said: “All I can say is please wait till it’s made available for you. We are a country in excess of a billion people. Stay safe and careful till then.”

Ashwin was part of Delhi Capitals at IPL 2021 but he had to exit the tournament’s bubble after several members of his family tested positive.

Later, Ashwin’s wife Prithi gave a glimpse into the family’s ordeal while herself battling the virus, describing COVID-19 as “most isolating disease.”

Prithi revealed that 10 people in her family had contracted the virus, including six adults and four children.


The children were “the vehicles of transmission”, she said.

India reported more than 400,000 COVID-19 cases and nearly 4000 deaths according to health ministry data on Friday.

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