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Berrington: Disappointing day for us, we were about 20-30 runs short and pretty hard to recover after the first couple of overs. Credit to Namibia for bowling so well early on. At that stage (after the collapse) we just needed a partnership. Matthew Cross played well but unfortunately we didn’t get it going for long. It was good we had a game quickly after that Afghanistan loss, we didn’t have too much time to think about it. We’ve got a few days to reflect and recover, one of our strengths is to stick together. We have to wait and see on Coetzer’s injury.

Erasmus: Delighted to get another World Cup win, we were emotional coming from the first group and we managed to put in another good performance. I guess that’s my normal face (not smiling much). We’ll be taking some good momentum and energy into the other games. We speak more beforehand than try and speak during the game (innings break), with that score we had a clear gameplan and luckily with two partnerships we got over the line. Ruben sets high standards for himself, he hadn’t quite hit the straps earlier. But today he did and he started off well for us to throw the first punch.

Trumpelmann the Player of the Match: Good result and hopefully we can get a few more. Luckily it went my way today. The victory is for the team and it’s massive for us.

9.34pm That’s all we have today from Abu Dhabi then, brought to you by me, Vishal Dikshit, and Peter Della Penna. Do join us tomorrow for Australia vs Sri Lanka. Until then, it’s goodbye and good luck. Stay safe, everyone.

AlistairDiamond: “Namibia are now higher in the points table than both New Zealand and India. That’s a first, enjoy it while you can!”

Dipanjan Show: “Namibia has defeated three European Teams in a row now!”

9.18pm Scotland had a great run in the first round, Namibia stunned a few teams too and when these two meet in the Super 12s, Namibia emerge as the winners again. They have smiles all around in the dugout, on the field, and everywhere their fans are. It was all started by Trumpelmann on the first four balls of the match, followed by the slower balls in the death over, and even though they wobbled a bit towards 110, they got there comfortably thanks to Smit, who stayed unbeaten. What a World Cup they are having…

Sharif to Smit, SIX, 131kmh, too full outside off and he slices that over the point boundary to seal a remarkable four-wicket win for Namibia!

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