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Shashi Tharoor’s question to Delhi Police:’When Rahul Gandhi made it clear…’

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Sunday asked Delhi Police what actionable information they hope to get after interrogating Rahul Gandhi when Rahul Gandhi made it clear that the women requested him not to make their testimony public or to involve the police. Amid a row over Rahul Gandhi’s comments in the UK for which an apology is being demanded from him, the Delhi Police on Sunday reached Rahul Gandhi’s residence to inquire about his comments in J&K that during his yatra two women came up to him and confided that they were ‘gangraped’.

Shashi Tharoor said Rahul Gandhi clearly said that the women did not want to involve the police. (PTI)

The Congress condemned the Delhi Police action while Rahul Gandhi in his preliminary reply that he sent before 4pm called it ‘unprecedented’. In his four-page reply, he asked whether this action has anything to do with his position taken both inside and outside Parliament on the Adani issue. He asked whether campaigns of other political parties, including that of the BJP, have ever been subjected to such kind of scrutiny or questioning. He also questioned the urgency of the Delhi Police’s sudden action.

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