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Rice or Roti: What do we Drop for Weight Loss?

The expert said that bread (roti) made of jowar, ragi and millet is considered effective for weight loss.

Roti contains gluten, while rice is gluten-free

Everyone has unique needs and different eating patterns that may work for them. You may find that you can lose weight by following a low-carb diet but some important principles apply when you’re trying to lose weight. It is advisable to make the necessary changes in the diet for losing weight. Some people stop eating chapatis to lose weight, while some stay away from rice. There is always confusion among people about whether eating chapatis can reduce weight faster or rice. Some people consider chapatis beneficial for weight loss, while some think rice is essential for weight loss.

According to the dietician Poonam Duneja, there is a big difference in the nutritional value of both rice and roti. Both are beneficial for weight loss. She further said that if you consume roti for 4 days a week, then you must eat rice for 2 days. In this way, you can maintain variety in your diet. Healthy people can consume both roti and rice for weight loss. Also, one should never remain hungry for weight loss, as it may affect your health.

Which type of roti and rice is beneficial?

The expert said that bread (roti) made of jowar, ragi and millet is considered effective for weight loss. The glycemic index found in these chapatis is low due to which the insulin level does not increase rapidly. It also contains a high amount of fibre and proteins. Rotis made of jowar, ragi and bajra are very nutritious. This can help in reducing weight. For rice, you can eat brown rice. White rice can also be consumed after straining the water. However, be it rice or roti, the intake quantity of both should be fixed.

According to the dietician, bread contains gluten, while rice is gluten-free. People who have gluten intolerance should eat less bread and consume more rice. However, bread or roti is more beneficial than rice for diabetes patients. People having diabetes should not consume rice, otherwise, their blood sugar level may deteriorate due to weight loss. Healthy people can eat rice and roti in the right combination for losing weight.

10 important tips for weight loss

– Increase intake of fibre, intake of 40 grams of fibre daily

– Drink plenty of water, must drink 2-3 litres of water daily

– Reduce the amount of salt and sugar in your diet

– Avoid consumption of refined, processed and junk food

– Use seeds oil for cooking

– Do physical activity daily

– Do exercise and muscle weight training in the right way

– Make necessary changes in your lifestyle

– Control the portion of food and drinks

– Avoid smoking and alcohol

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