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Republic Day 2023: Lesser-known facts about the day

Republic Day 2023: The special day is almost here. Every year, Republic Day is celebrated all across the country with a whole lot of grandeur and pomp. This year, the 74th Republic Day will be celebrated in India. The day commemorates the special day when the Constitution of India came into effect and practice throughout the country. Republic Day is observed in a grand way in the national capital – New Delhi. The main motto of celebrating this day is to respect the unity in diversity that the country and its people represent. On this day, tableaux of each state are presented and the programme is wrapped with an air show by the Indian Air Force.

As we gear up to celebrate Republic Day in its 74th year, here are a lesser-known facts about the day which are as interesting as the day:

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The constitution of India: Known as the longest Constitution in the world, the Constitution of India was approved by the Constituent Assembly in 1949, however, it came into effect only by 1950. The Constitution of India has since gone through 2000 amendments.

Chief guest: First organised in 1955, Republic Day attracts people from all corners of the country for its grandeur. Every year, for the Republic Day parade, the President, or the Prime Minister or the head of the nation is invited as the chief guest. This year’s chief guest will be Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Address the nation: According to the norm, the President addresses the nation on Republic Day, while the Prime Minister addresses the country on Independence Day.

Participants: All participants of the parade rehearse multiple times before the final parade, and report to the venue as early as 3AM in the night to start the preparations.

State tableaux: The state tableaux move at the speed of about 5km/hr so that people can observe them well.

Security: Ahead of Republic Day, security throughout the national capital is strengthened to ensure the smooth proceedings of the day.

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