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Rahul Gandhi takes ‘caste of billionaires’ jibe at PM Narendra Modi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in Rajasthan’s Vallabhnagar on Tuesday, backing the party’s stance on caste census and taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses a public meeting ahead of Rajasthan assembly elections(HT_PRINT)

During his rally in poll-bound Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi said, “Caste census is an ‘X-ray’ of country, it is necessary to do it”.

He further said that Congress will work towards protecting the rights of the tribals.

“PM Modi calls himself OBC. When I talked about caste census, he said there is only one caste in India – the poor. Modi says only caste in country is the poor but there is another caste of billionaires – Adani, Ambani,” Gandhi added.

He said Modi’s job is to divert public attention while Adani pickpockets. “They are a team,” he added.

Gandhi further reiterated that Congress will conduct a caste survey if the party comes to power in Rajasthan again.

“If it is not known whose population is how much, then how will we talk about participation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge also attacked PM Modi during his rally in Jaipur, saying that the prime minister has “not done any work apart from abusing Congress” during his tenure.

“The Prime Minister has not done any work apart from abusing us in the Congress. He abuses me, Rahul Gandhi, and recently he has started abusing Ashok Gehlot as well. He says that I abused his father. Why would I abuse his father who is not in this world anymore, what right do I have to speak about his father? I myself lost my mother, sister and uncle at a young age. Just me and my father were left. I am telling this to let you know that we do not speak like him (Modi).”

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