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Puducherry Man Designs Houses Inspired By Chola Period Architecture – News18

Last Updated: March 06, 2024, 13:44 IST

The man has been doing architecture for 20 years.

In one house, the architect added elements of Tulsi courtyards, Madhavi Kitchens and Ponnoonchal.

When you visit South India, some of the stunning architecture you will see is from the Chola era. The period of the Cholas was a time of great improvement and refinement of art and architecture. During this period, some long-lasting stone temples were built which inspired many architects and artisans. One such architect is Kanagavel whose work is inspired by the Chola era architecture and has now brought it to the fore with his creative ideas in Puducherry.

Kanagavel is an architect from Puducherry who has revolutionised home design by incorporating traditional architectural designs into his spaces. For 20 years, he has been building and designing houses for people using highly advanced technology, however, his personal preference is to design houses inspired by the Chola period.

The innovative blend of traditional designs in the modern world has gained him the limelight. He is focused on designing each home with a certain uniqueness that will leave the homeowner marvelling at his art, especially his creativity in transforming small spaces. He also has come up with innovative solutions to keep a house cool.

His exceptional work is garnering him immense praise from homeowners and experts from the industry as well. He caters to the demands of the homeowners and offers them various amenities tailored to their needs but he adds features from the Chola architecture which sets them apart from other houses in the vicinity.

In one house, Kanagavel has added elements of Tulsi courtyards, Madhavi Kitchens and Ponnoonchal. The house has bright red and hints of blue painted on the facade. It showcases a medieval-ish-looking wooden door with intricate designs and blue borders.

In the doors inside the house as well, Kanagavel opted for heavy wood with carvings which gives it a Chola period look. The house features tiles and wall paints in vibrant colours. He has designed bedrooms with in-built beds with engravings on them and no mattress. He has built special bathtubs for bathing and has implemented other eye-catching detailings in the house. His aesthetically designed spaces have been garnering attention. He also offers a wide range of colours for homeowners to choose from.

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