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Poop Smell: Why Do Amazon, Flipkart And Other Online Shopping Delivery Cardboard Boxes Stink

Did you just receive a package from Amazon, Flipkart or any other e-commerce platform and you are excited to unbox it? Well, there are chances that a strong poop-like smell from the brown packaging box may ruin your unboxing experience. With most e-commerce platforms procuring boxes from third-party companies that make them using recycled materials, it is not surprising to get that poop-like smell.

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Materials like newspaper, paperboard packs of cereals, juice and other food item, paper tissues, paper towels among other items are recycled. After collecting these materials, chemicals sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, sodium silicate among others are used to bleach and separate the paper fibres. It is then cleansed and disinfected. Also, ink from cereal boxes, etc are removed. Once the clean fibres are harvested, it is then pressed into sheets , which are then converted into boxes.

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The chemical process of recycling uses a lot of inorganic and organic compounds and experts believe that there are two organic compounds in the recycling process that creates the poop-smell on Amazon boxes. The two organic compounds–4-methylphenol and 4-ethylphenol– are responsible for the bad smell in brown delivery boxes. Depending on the recycling process, the smell can be sometimes strong.

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So, if your brown delivery packages stink then feel happy that it is made from recycled materials.

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