Will start spraying Pusa bio-decomposer in Delhi after Oct 5 to prevent stubble burning: Delhi govt



NEW DELHI: Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Monday said his central counterpart is yet to give time for a meeting on the use of Pusa bio-decomposer, a microbial solution to turn stubble into manure, in states surrounding the capital and other pollution-related issues.

“We had sought an appointment with the Union environment minister in this regard, but we have not got one so far. If the (central) government doesn’t act promptly, it will be very difficult to make preparation for the use of Pusa bio-decomposer in other states,” Rai said during a press conference.

There is an immediate need to call a meeting on the bio-decomposer and stubble burning so that a mechanism can be developed to use the microbial solution in other states while there is still time, he said.

The minister said the Delhi government will start preparing the solution at a centralised location from September 24.

“Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will launch the process at Kharkhari Nahar. We will start spraying the solution after October 5,” he said.

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