What should I do if my child has symptoms of Covid-19?


By Express News Service

Do not panic if your child shows flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, running nose). It can be due to any other viral illnesses:

  •  Conduct a Covid test
  •  Continue to follow personal protective measures for yourself and the child. Give home cooked food and keep well hydrated
  •  Measure child’s temperature regularly. If the temperature is more than 100 degree Fahrenheit, give tepid sponging using tap water and also give syrup or paracetamol tablet
  •  Other nutritional supplements can be given as per doctor’s advice
  •  Be watchful for dangerous signs and seek urgent medical help
  •  Most children develop either no symptoms or mild flu-like symptoms which can be treated at home
  •  Children who have been sick (lung, heart, kidney diseases) for a long time are at increased risk

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