What happened to your Rs 36,000 crore vaccination plan, Sisodia asks BJP as AAP alleges collusion between private hospitals, Centre


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NEW DELHI:  Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday attacked the BJP saying it is ‘sleeping’ while the people are facing immense struggles. Sisodia’s reaction came after BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra accused the AAP government of mismanaging the pandemic situation in the national capital resulting in many deaths.

“It has become a classic trademark of BJP to redirect any blame to Kejriwal. BJP’s answer to all questions is ‘CM Kejriwal is at fault’, whether the question is on procuring vaccines or deliberating on Covid-19 management plan. Sambit Patra, the nation wants to know about the vaccination plan. It does not want to see BJP’s petty politics and mudslinging tactics,” said Sisodia.

AAP and BJP have blamed each other over the past few months regarding various issues including the mismanagement of vaccination drive and supply of oxygen to hospitals for Covid-19 patients.

A month ago, when the city was facing the medical oxygen crisis, AAP had accused the BJP-ruled states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh of ‘hoarding’ oxygen tankers and said that the Centre was responsible for increasing the quota of oxygen. 

Sisodia also said that instead of finding ways to ‘abuse’ the Delhi chief minister, the BJP should focus on utilising the Rs 36,000 crore it has earmarked for the vaccination program.

“BJP will have to give answers on its Rs 36,000 crore plan to vaccinate people. We need to know why and how this budget has been used. I am again imploring the BJP to understand that the nation needs vaccines. It does not need to hear misinformed opinions against Kejriwal,” he added. 

AAP has accused the Centre of a ‘vaccination scam’ where the private hospitals are getting vaccine doses in ‘loads’ but the government-run facilities are facing closure.

The private facilities are charging for vaccines while government is doing vaccination free of cost.

Meanwhile, AAP MLA Atishi on Thursday said the central government is providing Covid vaccines to private hospitals who are charging exorbitant prices from people in the 18-44 age group instead of the Delhi government which is providing the jabs for free, alleging a “collusion” between the two.

It has been 11 days since the city government stopped vaccination for the 18-44 age group due to unavailability of vaccine.

The Centre has said it will provide fresh supply for the age group on June 10.

“What kind of collusion is there between private hospitals and the BJP-led central government that they are providing vaccine continuously to the private hospitals, charging anywhere between Rs 850-Rs 1,400 per dose, but not giving it to Delhi which is doing it for absolutely free?” Atishi said.

“This unavailability of vaccines for the youth of the city is a serious issue for Delhi as we have seen how the previous wave of Covid wreaked havoc for the youth,” she added.

India began vaccinating people in the 18-44 age bracket in the “liberalised and accelerated” Phase 3 of COVID-19 vaccination from May 1.

Under the third phase, the vaccine manufacturers would supply 50 per cent of their monthly Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL) released doses to the central government and would be free to supply the remaining 50 per cent doses to state governments and in the open market.

According to Atishi, where almost “50 per cent” of the people above 45 years have been vaccinated in Delhi, the percentage in the 18-44 age bracket stands at “10-12” per cent only due to shortage of vaccine.

“Youth is the segment which wants to get vaccinated at the earliest and has no vaccine hesitancy also. This is also the segment which will bring others along with them to get vaccinated. And this is why we request the Centre that instead of the private hospitals they should give the supply to the Delhi government,” she urged.

A total of 37,793 people aged above 45 years were vaccinated against the viral disease in the national capital on Wednesday.

Of them, 29,735 received the first dose and 8,058 the second dose, the Kalkaji MLA said.

“The dip in the number of people getting vaccinated is because Wednesday is the day marked for routine children immunisation — and not Covid immunisation — all government-run dispensaries,” she said.

A total of 50,382 people aged above 45 years were vaccinated against COVID-19 in the city on Tuesday.

The Delhi government on Wednesday received additional 2.

25 lakh Covishield doses, taking the total available vaccine stock in the city to 6,25,660, including 23,000 doses of Covaxin.

“The present stock of Covishield and Covaxin vaccine available for 45 plus would last for 29 days and 1-2 days, respectively. Covaxin is only given to those who are due for their second dose,” she said.

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