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This AIIMS doctor ‘donates’ life to child from Bihar

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NEW DELHI:  “Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity,” wrote Hippocrates,  the Greek physician known as the Father of Medicine. Literally proving this statement, a doctor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) donated his blood platelets to save a child, hitherto unknown to him.  

Dr Prasun Chatterjee, an associate professor in the geriatric department, said he was approached by colleague Dr Vijay Gurjar to help Mohammad Sameer, a child from Bihar, who had undergone bone marrow transplant and was in urgent requirement of single-donor platelets.

“I just did my job as a human… Doctors should be most humane when it comes to dealing with patients. Doctors should not only be treating patients but also be helping and caring them. Also, I would like to give a message about donating blood. People are still skeptical about it, but there’s nothing to worry.

People should come forward. One should be aware that donating blood won’t harm a person but can certainly help to save someone’s life,” said Dr Chatterjee. The doctor added that he didn’t know any personal details of the patient apart that he was admitted at the AIIMS.

“Dr Gurjar asked me if I can donate and I agreed. I didn’t feel it was necessary to know whom I was helping. If my small contribution can save a child’s life, then I am always up for it,” he said. Single donor platelets offer several advantages over random donor concentrates, including less inventory and pooling, fewer donor exposures and fewer look back investigations and others. 

Apheresis platelets are usually called single donor platelets because they are collected from a single donor with an automated cell separator. Donors usually have an IV line in each arm.

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