The rise of e-tailoring in Covid


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Picture this. You no longer want to attend Zoom meetings in those overused pyjamas, and want a pair of well-fitted trousers. But how do you let the tailor take measurements given the social-distancing norms in place? A new concept called e-tailoring is here to rescue you from the above situation; The Pant Project being one such company.

Founders Dhruv and Udit Toshniwal, who have over 40 years of experience between them in the Indian textile export industry, provide an insight into their growing business. The brand has reached recently partnered with the cricketer Rishabh Pant from Delhi Capitals team in the ongoing IPL and on the same concept has launched Delhi blue. this has been launched under the banner IPL Pan [T20], cotton chinos in all cricket colours. According to them, “A few clicks and we have your customisations; all you need to do is wait for your luxurious pants or shorts to arrive. With free shipping, free returns and free customisations, we have been able to gain clients that look like long-term relationships for us already!” Excerpts:

The growing concept of e-tailoring. What are the challenges and shortcomings?
The pandemic opened up an opportunity to create a digital experience for what was traditionally the culture of going to your neighbourhood tailor to stitch a pair of pants. At The Pant Project, we are here to serve the gap in the market for a custom-made tailor at the convenience and the comfort of your home. Technology enables us to scale up mass customisation. However, positioning our brand between mass premium and more accessible price points still poses to be a challenge.

Dhruv and Udit Toshniwal of
The Pant Project

How is e-commerce taking over the offline presence of retail stores?
Before the pandemic, everyone still wanted to relax at home and have everything sent over. We make one phone call or tap on the screen and our groceries are sent home. So, why not make buying apparel also that easy? Majority of our population is so busy hustling for work that there is no time to shop. We like to spend our free days at home or with our friends. With every brand showcasing it’s entire collection on the Internet along with tempting free shipping and free returns, who woul d no t want that convenience?

In the pandemic, we are stuck indoors, and are still able to get everything we need with one click on our computers and phones. As businesses, there has been saving in terms of overheads, sustainability, environmental impact as well as the mundane commute to work every day. Time, energy and money saved. Suffice it to say, there is something good for the seller and the buyer, and our country is embracing this concept slowly, and positively! An online business lets you order from the comfort of your homes, and for the sellers, it makes working towards fulfilling your order that much more streamlined!

How e-commerce is a growing business during Covid-19?
Well, we do order all our food from Swiggy/Zomato and groceries from Nature’s Basket, Amazon and the likes, on a regular basis. This just got magnified during the pandemic. As a company that was conceptualised and kicked into action smack dab in the middle of the pandemic, we have been successful in building and maintaining client relationships already.

With the reduction in overheads largely, there is space for lower costs and discounts. And everyone loves a % off on their purchase. E-commerce makes that happen!

While we look at e-commerce as just an online portal to buy things from, it includes customer service, logistics, production, innovation, branding, marketing and tech. We have grown to embrace being indoors since a year; the comfort of being at home and still pampering yourself with an online order per week, there may not be much comfort in stepping out and going to a store the same way as before. So, while e-commerce makes sure that there is a job for everyone, it also is a growing concept in our world.

What are the fashion e-commerce trends to watch out for?
I know we have all been wearing pyjamas and shorts while at home, but sometimes dressing up helps give a likeness of normalcy during these times. In men’s fashion: Quick-dry Stretch Cotton Summer Chinos for a laid back vibe. Four- Way Power Stretch Knits for busy outdoorsy days with
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