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Madam Curry, founded by Ishaan Kapoor of The Purple Plate catering company, is a new delivery-only venture that specialises in experimenting with classic recipes to give them a new twist. Taking inspiration from Marie Curie, Kapoor and his team prefer trying new recipes and techniques to make eating a wholesome experience for their customers rather than striving for perfection. This goes nicely with Curie’s philosophy of ‘Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it’.

Madam Curry Paneer Tikka

Not wanting to miss out we go all out and order the Madam Curry Paneer Tikka, Madam Dal Makhani, Vegetable Galouti, Pulled Butter Chicken, Saffron and Black Pepper Chicken Tikka, accompanied by the Chicken Biryani and Jalapeno and Cheese Paratha. These are delivered by the eatery’s in-house team and come packaged in sustainable materials, and sans plastic, with the earthen clay ware the kebabs come in being an especially nice touch.

The presentation is the first thing that stands out, with items like the Paneer Tikka eschewing their traditional block shapes for roundels, not unlike the Vegetable Galouti, the latter accompanied by tiny rotis to provide some texture to their otherwise velveteen mouth feel. In terms of taste however, they live up to their names, smoky from the tandoor and rich in flavour all through the faux meat.

The Chicken Tikka is as peppery as its name suggests, with the saffron adding dimensions to every bite making us polish off every morsel. The Butter Chicken with it pulled shreds of meat, enrobed in lush, smooth thick gravy, red and robust, go swimmingly with the crisp paratha, the latter’s jalapenos providing a welcome spike of spice every few bites. The Dal Makhani, while as rich, could have used more of a punch, with it lacking that certain something.

On the other hand, the biryani is everything you could want from our national rice dish, the grains perfumed with spices and herbs while the meat is falling off the bone soft and melting. Finishing off with the equally delicious Kahlua Chocolate Phirni, we are ready for our nap.

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