Sir Ganga Ram Hospital seeks reduction in patient intake amid a deepening oxygen crisis in Delhi


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on Saturday asked the government to consider reducing patient intake amid a deepening oxygen crisis in Delhi. The hospital had on Friday reported the death of 25 of its “sickest” patients as the administration grappled with depleting oxygen supplies.

“I appeal to both the Centre and the state to help. On one hand, they increased Covid beds and on the other, they can’t supply oxygen in sufficient quantity. How are we supposed to work?” Dr Rana said.

“If this is Covid tsunami and the government has invoked the Disaster Management Act, then they should work according to it. We need immediate intervention.”

Dr Rana also said, “The government is doing its best but, perhaps, they too are helpless. But then they should admit it and reduce patient intake.” As it has been for the last days, hospitals and its suburbs sent out desperate messages of help.

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