PWD tells officials in Delhi to de-concretise base and save trees


By Express News Service

NEW DELHI: The Public Works Department (PWD) has asked its officials to de-concretise the base of trees in the city and to ensure that at least one metre area around them is left unpaved while laying tiles on footpaths or road construction.

A circular issued by the PWD said it has been observed that tile or concrete has been laid right up to the periphery of trees and in many cases, it is detrimental to the healthy growth and life of trees.

“While laying tiles or concrete in areas with trees, it should be ensured that at least one metre around the trees is left kutcha (unpaved) and filled with good earth,” said the circular. 

The department also ordered removal of unwanted vegetative growth or weeds from footpaths. “Weeds growing through joints of tiles or cracks in pucca (paved) areas such as central verge, footpaths etc shall be removed periodically,” the circular said.

According to the PWD officials, the department also asked its officials concerned to remove concrete around trees wherever their base has been concretised.

The department has also issued a circular in this regard. It added “Wherever the tile or concrete has already been laid right up to the periphery of trees, the portion up to one metre around such trees shall be de-tiled or de-concretised in a time bound manner.”

Ecologist and professor emeritus at Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystem in Delhi University, C R Babu said that concretisation of tree bases is a punishable offence as it kills the tree.

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