Provide door-to-door jabs to disabled people, Experts tell Delhi govt


Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  Even though the Delhi government has initiated dedicated Covid vaccination centres each in all the eleven districts for disabled persons, the administration has been requested by organisations working with people with disabilities to extend the facility door-to-door as well.

“Delhi government is unfortunately lagging behind in socially affirmative drives towards disabled and transgender people. The current pandemic has disproportionately affected the marginalised community and we are not even seeing vaccine equity. Many people with severe disabilities or the elderly may still be unable to access these services outside of their homes, and they must not be forgotten,” wrote Dr Satendra Singh, organisational head, Doctors with Disabilities: Agents of Change, in a letter to the health minister and social welfare minister.

“The disability sector has frequently urged that elderly and disabled persons be vaccinated at home/door-to-door because they are the most vulnerable, but this has not been fully considered. We urge you to extend it to providing vaccination to disabled persons who are unable to attend even PwD vaccination centres.

Last week, a notice issued by the State Commissioner for PwD following which dedicated vaccination centres have come up in all 11 revenue districts. Nodal officer for the PwD CVC from Shahdara said that there has not been a big turnout of disabled people for vaccination as was expected. “So far we have not crossed the target of 150 in a day,” said the official

Another official from a similar centre from New Delhi district said that the turnout is increasing with each day and they are planning to extend the facility to houses as well. Officers from the North East district said, “From only 10 people in a day now we are seeing more than 120 disabled coming for vaccines. The process of word to mouth is helping, those getting vaccinated here are further spreading the message.”

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