Plea in Delhi HC seeks modification of treatment protocol regarding use of antibiotics and steroids for mild COVID-19 cases



NEW DELHI: A petition has been moved in the Delhi High Court on Monday that seeks direction to the Union of India, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), and Niti Ayog regarding reconsideration of the prevalent treatment protocol for mild cases of COVID-19, and to also modify the treatment protocol in COVID-19.

The plea states that experts have also suggested that use of Paracetamol, antibiotics and steroids in the treatment of COVID-19 should be restricted, as rampant use of these medicines is wreaking havoc on the immune system of the body of any individual, thereby leading to the deterioration of cases from mild to moderate and severe.

Vivek Sheel Aggarwal, the Chairman of Niramaya Research, along with Dr Sanjay Jain (MS, Orthopaedics), Dr. Anu Garg (MD, Paediatrics), and Bhasvar Aggarwal (Independent Researcher), are the petitioners in the PIL filed through advocates Praveen K Sharma and Amitesh Bakshi, scheduled to come for hearing on May 25.

The petition mentions that there has been no clinical trial on the efficacy and safety of antipyretics usage in the treatment and the management of viral infections, especially COVID-19.

It also states that all the medical literature and clinical trials in animals suggest against the use of it, and appeals for holding clinical trials.

The new hypothesis by Niramaya Research suggests that the immunomodulatory effects of the medication being prescribed tampers and damages the homeostatic mechanism of the human immune system, leading to complications. It shows the correlation of the same complications in COVID-19 related mortalities.

The petition seeks direction to ICMR to investigate and to hold clinical trials, and to change the treatment protocols, if necessary.

Also, since many doctors are prescribing tampering medication, even against the protocol recommended by ICMR, like the use of steroids and antibiotics in mild cases, the petitioners appeal that ICMR must issue recommendations against the use of unnecessary medication also, just like WHO does to avoid wrong prescriptions.

The petition also states that the treatment protocol issued by ICMR and practiced by doctors is totally in contrast to what the researchers in top medical journals suggest.

The journal suggests that “disruption of Homeostatic Mechanisms of Immune system is caused due to the treatment protocol in mild to moderate cases in COVID-19: High Dosage of Paracetamol leads to GSH depletion, increase in oxidative stress and disruption of Homeostatic mechanisms of the immune system”.

The plea also states that the petitioners have made representations to the respondents which have not been considered, and delay in consideration of treatment protocol modification shall cost many lives. (ANI)

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