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Packed with Taste

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While people have begun returning to restaurants, to the relief of owners and their accountants, it would be folly to deny there has been a seismic shift in food delivery, with the restaurants themselves leading the change in how we receive and eat food from outside at home. From edible packaging to hyper-focus in design and utility, chefs and restaurateurs are truly thinking out of the box.

“Butter Delivery is our new delivery only brand that is an ode to everything Butter,” says Zorawar Kalra of Massive Restaurants, adding, “Comprising only 10 dishes it is the shortest menu in the world and includes the ubiquitous butter chicken, dal makhani, paneer makhani and a special version of a tandoori chicken made with butter.” The packaging for all things butter is environmentally-friendly, made from paper craft material while the white boxes are corn starch material. 

Avantika Sinha Bahl, owner of Kampai says that packaging of food is equally important as the taste is. “We have tried to be as innovative with our packaging while staying as sustainable as possible by using paper packaging, and recyclable materials. We have used the colours of paper in accordance with the colour theme of the outlet. Also, we have carefully made the size of the plates in accordance with portion sizes of food.” 

Chef Harangad Singh, who recently started his cloud kitchen Parat, says, “The success of a cloud kitchen depends equally on the taste of food and the way in which food reaches the customer. We are very particular about packaging and are using boxes made from sugarcane husk and spoons made from potato starch. The edible packaging trend is here to stay.” 

And one of the key players in providing the innovative packaging is RR Consulting which has become a one-stop-shop for all packaging arrangements. The company, which began in 2004, has gone on to boast an enviable line of clients, spread across different industries like hospitality, pharmaceuticals, fashion, education, IT, personal care, liquor, and then some. 

Among these are The Taj Group of Hotels, Foodhall, Vistara, Cinepolis, Maruti Suzuki, Haldiram and SBI.
“In the culinary world, maximum people eat with their eyes. Wonderful looking food makes individuals need to devour the food as well as to accept that the food really tastes better. Similarly, packaging assumes a key job in the business diagram of the item. The bundling of an item should be sufficiently engaging to the customers for them to end up purchasing the item,” concludes Hitesh Rao, Co-founder, RR Consulting.

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