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Over 450 four-wheelers sold since launch of Delhi’s electric vehicle policy

By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  Since the launch of the Delhi government’s electric vehicle (EV) policy in August, 465 four-wheelers have been registered, announced Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot on Saturday.  “Incentives of up to Rs 3 lakh are provided under Delhi EV policy which includes Rs 1.5 lakh subsidy, registration, and road tax exemption.

This is the highest subsidy in India and makes the total cost of ownership of an electric car in Delhi the same as a diesel car. Subsidies provided on electric cars under Delhi’s EV policy reduce the total cost of ownership of electric cars by up to 30 per cent. An individual can save Rs 1,050 per month by switching to EV from a diesel car,” the minister said. 

About two weeks ago, the Delhi government had launched the ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign to sensitise city residents about the benefits of electric vehicles and the incentives given under the EV policy.  On Thursday, the government also issued an order to replace all its car fleets departments and autonomous bodies–with electric vehicles. It was announced that 2,000 cars would be replaced in the next six months.

Anju Jain, who bought an electric vehicle, hailed the government’s EV policy, “Buying an EV was so convenient and it offers a very smooth and noiseless drive. Driving an EV is way better than driving an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle in terms of speed and performance. Thanks to the government’s EV policy, I got benefits of around three lakhs rupees and also, a waiver on the road tax and registration fee. I charge my EV at my home through a 15A plug point and it runs for around 220 km,” she said. 

Another EV user Vivek Ahuja, who is a director with an IT firm, said that the government’s initiative had given him hope and encouraged him to purchase an electric vehicle. “I have already driven 15,000 km without any problem. Never got stuck on the road and faced no charging issues. I always charge my EV at home or office and that too once in three days. It’s a very simple procedure, just like charging other things at home with the help of a 15A plug. I got a subsidy of Rs 1.5 lakh under Delhi’s EV policy,” Ahuja added.

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